Tabitha Fordham Joins the Beverage Alcohol Team

July 6, 2021

TFH Legal is excited to announce the addition of Tabitha Fordham to the beverage alcohol team starting on July 6.

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What to Know About Alcohol To-Go

March 9, 2021

February 19, 2021By: D. Taylor Harper and Lisa F. Harper for Restaurant Informer. Read Original Article > As of August 2020, restaurants can deliver alcohol, but there are things you need to do before launching this service. To-go beer and wine have been some of the staple items that have allowed restaurants to make a profit during the pandemic. Now, thanks to a new law that passed earlier this year (HB 879), Georgia restaurant owners have the opportunity to permanently […]

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Taylor Harper Joins Georgia Restaurant Association Board of Directors

March 9, 2021

The Firm is proud to announce that Taylor Harper has been selected to join the Georgia Restaurant Association Board of Directors. The GRA serves as the voice for Georgia’s restaurants in advocacy, education, and awareness.

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FDA and Gluten-Free Labeling

October 16, 2020

The FDA finalized regulations governing gluten-free claims for fermented foods. The rule applies to alcoholic beverages that fall within the FDA’s primary labeling jurisdiction. Companies must come into compliance no later than August 13, 2021. The new rule effectively prohibits gluten-free claims on fermented products that were not gluten-free from the start of the production process. But beers made without gluten-containing grain (e.g., beers made from rice) are allowed to use the term gluten-free so long as the manufacturer and […]

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CBD and Alcohol

October 14, 2020

Regarding CBD oil in beer, the TTB has issued a statement about beer that contains these cannabis-related additives. The statement unequivocally provides that there will be no approval of formulas that include substances illegal under the Controlled Substance Act. Hemp, however, is not banned by the CSA and, therefore, hemp or its derivatives may be used in alcoholic beverages, assuming certain conditions are satisfied, i.e., formula approval (all sales) and COLA (only interstate sales). But in order for the formula […]

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Direct-to-Consumer Sales

September 25, 2020

Certainly one of the most prominent and pressing issues of the day is that of direct-to-consumer sales – that is, either sales directly from a supplier to a consumer or sales from an out-of-state supplier or retailer to an in-state consumer. It is more the latter of the two causing attorneys general across the country heartburn. Before we dive into at a few cases that highlight the issues involved, let’s go over the logistics of such a sale. As an […]

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Law Firms Manage Client Collections Amid the COVID Crisis

August 24, 2020

“It does not help us to push people into bankruptcy,” said one law firm managing shareholder. Jonathon Ringle of the Fulton County Daily Report contacted Lisa Harper for her comments on the pandemic, the hospitality industry and law firm collections. Lisa’s comments echo a belief of the founders of the Firm over 40 years ago that partnering with clients through good and bad times was the key to good client relationships and ultimately law firm success. An excerpt from the […]

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Finally – Some Relief and Clarity Regarding PPP Loan Forgiveness

June 4, 2020

By Lisa F. Harper, June 4, 2020 The original constraints of PPP Loan forgiveness simply no longer fit the situation which most businesses, especially those in the hospitality arena, are facing. For example, if a business could not hire back its employees if governmental regulations prevented it or its ability to generate business due to Coronavirus fear made it operationally impossible, under existing PPP requirements, forgiveness of the PPP loan would be reduced or even possibly eliminated. But last night, […]

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