Employment and Executive Compensation

Employment issues permeate almost all aspects of business. We represent businesses and individuals in connection with employment and executive compensation issues. We negotiate, review and structure employment agreements and independent contractor agreements. We also review, negotiate and draft provisions that are often included in such agreements, including confidentiality and non-disclosure provisions, covenants not to compete, and covenants not to solicit customers or employees.

We also prepare employee incentive arrangements, both equity and non-equity based. We also advise on compliance with legislative mandates regarding employment practices. We assist in developing employee handbooks and polices in compliance with applicable law.
We have considerable experience in litigating employment and executive compensation issues, including claims involving covenants not to compete, covenants not to solicit information, and covenants regarding confidential and proprietary information. We also litigate related claims, including claims for breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of trade secrets, and federal and state computer protection statutes.

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