Franchise and Distribution

Franchising continues to grow as a method of doing business. Our attorneys provide guidance in the formation and organization of franchised businesses, including preparation of franchise agreements and offering circulars conforming to Federal Trade Commission and State regulations.

Our attorneys also work with franchisees to assist in operating as a franchise including start-up and franchise compliance. Our lawyers have significant experience in helping to resolve franchise disputes involving business solutions and litigation.
We work closely with our manufacturer, distributor, and dealer clients in the legal aspects of the distribution and supply chain management of their products. In that regard, we assist our clients in all steps in the chain and provide our clients with services such as:

Structuring, drafting and/or negotiating vendor, purchaser, distributor, reseller and warehouse contracts,
Advising our clients on warranty and UCC issues; Furnishing antitrust and import/export issue counseling; and representing our clients in supply chain and distribution disputes.

When necessary, we handle litigation for health care clients. This can include the areas mentioned above, as well as dissolution and "business divorces."

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