Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is often the key to managing and minimizing risk in an increasingly litigious society. Companies having insured risks often find their carriers reserving rights or even denying coverage under questionable circumstances. In such circumstances, insureds face extensive defense costs, as well as the prospect of having to settle a case or respond to a possible judgment on their own.

We have extensive experience in evaluating insurance coverage issues involving different types of policies for different types of risks, including professional liability, commercial general liability, excess liability, and builders risk. We have dealt with the issues that often arise regarding "insured contracts" and "additional insureds."

We represent our clients in dealing with their carriers and in protecting their rights to coverage. When necessary, we litigate coverage disputes on behalf of our clients.
Although much of our insurance coverage practice involves our corporate clients, we will on occasion represent insurers or reinsurers, or will receive assignments from insurers on behalf of their insureds. We also work with our corporate clients and their insurers in reporting and monitoring claims.

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