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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process in which the parties meet with a trained neutral party, known as a mediator, and try to reach a settlement of their dispute. The job of mediator is to help the parties try to reach a settlement. The mediator does not decide the case and cannot impose a settlement on the parties.

Mediation has proven to be an effective means of resolving a wide variety of disputes. Sometimes, courts require parties to mediate, but many parties voluntarily agree to do so. Mediation allows each party to present its views to the other side. The parties also typically meet separately with the mediator in private sessions known as "caucuses." If the mediation is successful and a settlement is reached, the settlement will be confirmed in a written settlement agreement.

Our litigators have considerable experience in representing parties in mediation. They are familiar with how mediation proceeds, and know how to present cases effectively in mediation and to negotiate for a successful resolution.

In addition, one of our lawyers, Celeste McCollough, is available to act as a mediator. Celeste is a registered mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. Celeste has many years of experience in representing parties in litigation and in mediation.

Mediation Attorneys

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