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U.S. craft beer exports grow


U.S. craft beer export volume grew by 49% in 2013, to 283,000 barrels and an estimated $73 million, according to the Brewers Association. The industry’s largest export market, Canada, saw a volume increase of 92% (to about 132,000 barrels) in 2013, while exports to Sweden (+15.5%), the U.K. (+7.9%), Australia (+5.4%) and Japan (+3.2%) also rose. Shipments to Asia Pacific countries other than Japan together increased 73%, to about 44,000 barrels, driven largely by emerging markets Singapore (+379%), Hong Kong (+150%) and Thailand (+99%). Meanwhile, exports to Western Europe increased 46%, while Brazil was up by 12%. New distribution agreements in Europe and Asia helped drive growth, as did exposure from the BA’s export development program, which generates exposure for U.S. craft beer through trade shows, seminars, festivals, media outreach and other activities. -- Shanken News Daily

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