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Oregon lawmakers fight back against TTB ruling on wine growlers


Oregon lawmakers are fighting back against a recent ruling by the Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau prohibiting Oregon businesses from selling wine in refillable growlers without first registering as a wine bottling house. Several Oregon senators and representatives have urged the federal government to reverse the ruling, arguing that it “threatens to undermine the winemaking industry by requiring retailers and restaurants to maintain labels, licenses and records as if they were bottling wine,” and would have a negative effect on sales. Previously, a 2013 Oregon law permitted any business with a liquor license to fill and sell growlers of up to two gallons of wine, in line with the state’s laws regarding beer and malt beverage growler sales. Oregon, which is the country’s fourth-largest wine producing state, has approximately 900 vineyards and 515 wineries. -- Shanken News Daily

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