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As Scotland’s Vote On Independence Nears, Scotch Whisky Industry Faces Uncertainty


With Scotland voters set to go to the polls tomorrow, Scotch whisky’s biggest players have mostly refrained from taking an official position on the country’s independence referendum. However, in a tradition-rich industry where even the newest products must be aged several years before being bottled, the leading companies are clearly wary of the uncertainty that would come on the heels of a “Yes” vote for independence.
When contacted by SND, most of Scotch’s top companies declined to comment on the referendum and its potential impact on the industry, instead referring requests to the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) trade group. While the SWA has also elected not to take a “Yes” or “No” stance on independence, the arguments made by chief executive David Frost in recent days unequivocally favor the status quo. – Shanken News Daily

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